Endangered USA

Entrusting our Government is what we're supposed to do. But I beg to differ and what about you?

What about our country the U.S.of A?
It seems at times it wont be that thanks to the President's of today!

There's no longer that word Freedom, not even of in which we speak.
Nor do we the people stand, fight, protect the land that's under our feet.

We're allowing our so called Government to do away of which we stand..., giving it away to others who haven't been permitted entry rights to our land.

Now we the American people are being pushed around and made to speak..., that of a different language just to survive, to make ends meat.

And those who are really discriminated upon is the Americans born and raised..., By all who's entered here without knowledge and by our Governments that stand today!

Those of which all voted in to protect America along the way, has now made what was once a country of the land of the free and the home of the brave a now What Used To Be Or a ONCE UPON A TIME..., "Proud U.S. of A."!

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