Re(13): Winchester M.L.

Hi Joe,I know a lot of people have looked at the pictures of the prints. All the officials have tried to pass them off as coyote, but a coyote has waaaay smaller prints.Also, a coyote is in the dog family so there would be claw/toenail marks.The Mountain Lion has claws that are retracted into it's paw and only come out when needed - catching prey,climbing a tree etc. I know little about prints but Weather and others on this site know a lot and I believe the general consensus now is that the prints were not clear enough to definitively know the animal that made them as the condition of the snow made it hard to tell. I am sure someone will inform us if they have more info on them. And it most definitely wasn't a Fisher cat as one guy claimed - they are very dark in color;brown/black looking and smaller than a coyote. The two men saw two completely different animals.They are seldom seen (they are nocturnal and cautious by nature,but it's only a matter of time before the "officials" have to admit they are here - and breeding!Can't wait!


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