Re(1): more news from WCVB

It gets thick all right. They took pictures of the cat tracks, 3 of them, then moved on to take pictures of every other animal at the site. Deer, coyote, all. So what does Mass Wildlife do? Send the canid prints along with the cat prints, and claim they are all the same animal. Their "expert" says the first 3 were done by "a dog with cat like paws", perhaps greyhound. None have seen the site, none talked to the witnesses, who ALL said they saw a large cat. They focus on the canine ones, surprise!! Next task, get some local people to also say they are canine, easy part. Then get their media people to say they sent them all over! Wonder if they did and the people said cat?? If you didn't believe the state agencies were doing this before, you can sure see it now Ill paste what one trusted expert we sent them to says:

"I have NO doubt this track is felid, the track is a minimum of 3 - 4" in width. I would believe the comments of Police/law enforcement & local animal control personnel long before believing comments of any state wildlife agency or popular hunting/sports figure. "


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