Re(3): Wolf siting

A number of years ago my son and I surprised a very large coyote in Westboro,ma. It was about 50%larger than a typical eastern gray coyote and had a fairly clear reddish hue on back and sides. It ran off, a very impressive animal. A little research indicated it was an Algonquin coyote, or what is likely referred to as an Algonquin wolf, a hybrid between an eastern coyote and Canadian red wolf (that also some consider a hybrid). This animal was very tall, but it's physique was lean... More like a coyote than a wolf. It loped off effortlessly at a very quick pace. We,as all around here now, have innumerable typical gray coyotes, but I have not seen an Algonquin since then. As far as cats are concerned I had very large cat prints in my back yard about 10 yrs ago... Considerably larger than what is normally reported for bobcats. Three years ago my neighbor , here in Southborough,Ma, saw a small mountain lion saunter through his back yard, over a distance of about 100 ft, completely in the clear without any visual obstruction, and passing within 30 ft of him (he was looking out kitchen window). He alerted the Mass dept of fish and game.. They disputed his claim. He is very familiar with mountain lions, has petted tame ones at an animal park in Fl, as well as having one appear in his son's yard (also in Fl) where a wild cougar periodically comes out of the wildlife preserve and uses a tree as a scratching post. Three weeks ago, another neighbor of mine here in Southborough had very large cat tracks in her yard. In all cases, these tracks I am familiar with here in Ma appear to be distinctly cat prints, and are two-footed, I.e. Not four paw prints, but the appearance expected where the back feet overlap the print location of front prints. Finally, two yrs ago I was talking to a park warden in Western Ma, and he mentioned he had a mountain lion come up within 20 ft of him while he was clearing a hiking trail of brush. He was sure there were valid mountain lion obs from the public. It appears the Mass wildlife is concerned that validated mountain lion obs will place a burden upon them, either to pay attention to these animals, or start tracking those in close public proximity... as they do on a large scale around Los Angeles, Ca.


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