I am the guy u said on Ohio fish and game that cut u off u no what I am talking about since they deleted ur post I will tell u on here u cut me off u kept turning in front of people, like that was ur spot 2 times I herd other boaters say that asshole cut us off he thinks he owns the lake u fast troll I slow troll i got my limit today u didnt maybe u need to slow troll and u didnt catch a 19.5 in front of me if u did I didnt notice but u sure did instead of putting #### on ofg next time say something to me dont talk behind my back this lake is not about the allmitey saugmon u fish where u want u dont own the lake it sounded like ur the one that cut people off who made u king grow up if u need to talk to me I am there 2 to 3 times a week I sure wont hide behind a forum


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