Re(4): Highway Committee spends eight months to find out nothing.

I think Brad gives over 65 hours a year to his community. That's a lot of involvement. His concern, like all, are relevant. I know it was a first proposal for ideas in accounting management, tech usage in construction and in building efficiencies.

Like at the firehouse, we, and the fire chiefs have a lot of work in filling out paper work that identifies who did what and who drove what vehicles. Not to mention all the other legal activities that Rick and Frank have to help control.

So now it is time for the highway to upgrade. But this will require extra time, respect and $. The end result will come next election time. As an independent, Mr Vecchio, ME, did run on a new building. This will help pull in future talent and allow management to better organize it's operations. The old building is not conducive to promoting safety and respect. It's a dump. Glad to see US starting to build a better operation.

Joe vecchio

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