Big bobcat sighting in South Burlington, VT

Hello everyone! This is not a mountain lion sighting. Someday I will see one though.

This afternoon I went for a walk in South Burlington, VT. I saw a huge bobcat! I was walking on Dorset Street and just passed all the condos on Grandview St. I was about to walk up the steep hill that is right near Karins Hockey arena. There is a little stream at the bottom of the hill and thick dense woods. I always look at that stream area for wildlife. I always tell myself that is the perfect area for an animal to get a drink of fresh water. Right there next to the stream was a huge bobcat. All I could see was its very big, round light colored face because its body was covered by tall grass. I was only 20 feet from it! It froze when it saw me. It seemed very scared of me and didnt take its eyes off me. We stared at each other for a long minute. Then it backed up and turned around. It had a huge long body for a bobcat. Dark brown in color with no spots. But the classic bobcat tail. Kind of. The tail was about 6 inches long with very distinct black banding on it and some white. I didn't expect a bobcat to be so large. I have seen them in zoos and they were smallish about 30 pounds. This cat was starting at 50 pounds. No joke. It was the size of my dog and she is 58 pounds. This cat was wide and thick. Big legs. Have any of you ever seen or heard of such a large bobcat before? What an amazing experience! I was in the right place at the right time. And of course, I left my phone at home so no pictures to show. The ONE TIME I forget to bring my phone, I see a bobcat!

I just went back to look for prints. I found cat prints along the stream in the sand. The pictures turned out too dark though. It was a bobcat for sure. Although I've been online looking at bobcat pictures and none of them look like what I saw! What kind of bobcat did I see?!?


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