Oh to break a bad Abbott

So you’re a believer in life everlasting?
Find all this out from your famine and fasting?
I wonder if you could survive the high seas
Scrunched up in a dinghy throwing up on your knees
And if that was you, would you blow us a kiss
And say “Hey Aussies, I’ve come to take the piss,
Live on your handouts and sit on my arse,
Wishing Salaam to the people I pass”

Life everlasting depends upon death and
Serious matters like first and last breath.
Taken too lightly, taken too long,
Taken somewhere between suffocation and song.
But you’ve always had it, the privilege of choices
So how about choosing to hear a few voices
Of those who are frightened and those who have fled,
Who cannot return and would rather be dead.

Even when you said sorry it came out too lame,
Doing nothing to help me get over the shame
Of the wrongs in the past that caused so much hurt
And that so many of us were treated like dirt.
Now you speak of a past you’re determined is yours
But that history is filled with blood, puss and sores.
If you want my vote then you’ll be disappointed,
As much chance of that as of you being anointed.

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