Re(5): censored

Because you did it wrong. Then you want me to respond to your behavior. Well, here I go calling you out since you want my answer.

Since I made a movie about town politics years ago, I feel I will have to upgrade it if you, Moo have anything worth expressing.
I will ad it to the new movie. You can be in it for the historical societies accurate records.

SO, I am calling on Lou, Mark, and "MOO"
and Gordon to an interview. To get it all OUT. What are you, Moo, asking for since you think I am censoring you. Therefore I am doing you wrong. Come to my home and be a man. I will wait for you three to contact me. Now lets see who the hider/hater is. Here we go.
Call me I will be waiting.

Hope Moo contacts me since he wanted an answer as to why his blog was cut. Here is your chance to shine. Go for it.

Who will be the bigger man?
Joe vecchio, Russian oppressor.


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