These Streets

These streets are not here to save you....
Who are you protecting?
Do you think you're the DON or the ACE of drug money?
Do you think fast money is where it is at?
Do you think robbing people won't come back to bite you?
Do you like to gangbang and hurt others?
Do you rob stores and think of nothing of it?
Do you take from others and think its okay?
Do you laugh at peoples misfortunes and think its a game?
These streets do not love you.
Black people, let me be clear and direct. Let me be precise. These streets do not love you period.
Whatever you doing in these streets is coming back for you. Only time will tell.
You need to remove yourself from these streets as soon as possible.
You have kids, what is your purpose of selling drugs?
Especially when you could be doing the right thing instead of the wrong thing.
You have kids, young or old.
You need dismiss yourself, before anything else is told.
These streets never loved you and nobody is loyal anymore.
You need hang it up, and literally shut that street door.
You are not a gangster.
You are not a thug.
You are not 50 cent, who can get shot at and still survive and think its a joke.
If you need more guidance. Take it up with the lord.
If you need more love. Spend more time with your family.
If you need money. Get a real job. A real 9 to 5.
If you want to change your community. Start going to civic leagues and start snitching on the wrongdoings of your neighbors.
Your kids should be your first priority.
Making sure they are able to grow up with a drug dealer on the end of the street. Making sure they can have a education under their seat. Schools fail in hood areas. Accreditation is lost. Without that, a school diploma is no good to that child. Its like graduating from a fairy tale book.
You need to start looking out for you and only you.
You need to quit these streets and i mean do YOU.
These streets are aiming to kill you.
One shot. One bullet.
Your life is over.
Is it really that serious to run the streets? No its not. You have a whole child to think about.
People want to cry, bitch, moan and complain if you were to die. But at the end of the day. These streets had your name on their death wish tie.
Remember you put yourself in this situation and only you can remove yourself from it.
Just hope and pray that you never meet the person that you stole the shit from.
People are not playing about their belongings being gone nor missing.
When your ass is breaking into shit. Your family don't need to cry; your ass just needs to listen.
Before its too late and they assume you were the most innocent person in the world.
Little do they know, you had enemies every fucking where.

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