Just What's A Guy To Do

© by Chuck McGlawn/Chuckest@aol.com

To all those that are grappling
with a long-distance LOVE

Tell me am I crazy here?
Or just crazy Ďbout you?
I keep wishing you were near.
"Just whatís a guy to do?"

My heart is beating faster,
Ever since we met
My inner body tingles,
Palms begin to sweat
You make my hardened inner core
Turn all soft like goo.
And thatís why I asking now,
"Just whatís a guy to do?"

You can make me laugh or cry
Adding spice as well.
Doing things to mind and bod
As you weave your spell.
You have my life-light glowing bright,
You make my skies all blue.
But it leaves me with this question,
"Just whatís a guy to do?"

But now there are so many miles
keeping me from you
And the echo keeps repeating,
"Just whatís a guy to do?"

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