You Are The Thief

Distance is the enemy this time,
Everything falls apart inside.
A mountain too high to climb,
Used and cast aside.
Why does it hurt so much,
The pain in my heart.
Wishing for a hand to clutch,
As we slowly drift apart.
Why is love treated like this,
It was meant for both to uphold.
If itís me, so much, you miss,
Why would you destroy a heart of gold?
So now I walk around a shell,
Waiting for someone to mend my broken heart.
Wishing all was once more well,
So the healing of my love can finally start.
Sometimes I wish that I could forget,
The memories that torture my soul.
Then I could be without regret,
And extinguish this burning coal.
Hoping someone comes to ease this pain,
Is enough to keep me going on.
I tend to walk through the rain,
So that when I cry, you donít know youíve won.
You can keep the trinkets and toys,
They mean nothing to me anymore.
To regret having shared in joys,
Is like being worse off than before.
So heed the words I am about to say,
I wish I had this before I chose you.
So alone I shall stay,
As I mend the heart you ripped in two.

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