Cyber Girl

© by Chuck McGlawn/

To all the Cyber Girls, that are on the prowl.

You’ll want to form a line you guys
To meet this Cyber girl.
She’s has the poise, style and grace
Of a highly polished pearl
She just may be ready
For a Winter romance
And you'll need to please her
To even have a chance

Here is a list of things
About her from the very start
That you must memorize
If you’re gonna touch her heart
She doesn’t like dishonesty,
Nor psyco-babble pap
Phonies that aren’t motivated,
Cheap wine and political crap
Folks that don’t like little kids,
Spiders, rap or mess
Nor guys that say “I Love You”
In hopes it will impress

She likes children playing,
Flowers, poems and laughter
Soft music, hugs and kisses
And the things that come soon after.
Picnics at the ocean,
And barefoot in warm sand
To stand and watch a sunset
While her man holds her hand.

Now I could list for hours
Things that show she’s real
But you need to tap into
The things that make her feel
She’s looking to be totally loved
Which she’ll return in kind
So hit the road if you can’t commit
Your body, soul and mind

She’s a lady of compassion
And insists that’s what you be
She’d love to have her man propose
While down on one knee
She always counts her blessings
And thankful for her lot
She is kind and careing
And plus she’s really hot

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