If I Had The Words

© by Chuck McGlawn/Chuckest@aol.com

Dedicated to all those who have invested too much
into a relationship, and get nothing in return.

If I had the words Iíd say
You broke my heart in two
I canít stop my flowing tears
Tell me what should I do.

You have made me feel this way,
When I gave you my heart.
You just stomped on it that day
You hurt me from the start

Now my heartís imprisioned
You have locked it there.
With brief moments of pleasure
That you dane to share

I know you donít love me,
A truth my heart has faced.
I am feeling so mistreated
And just so disgraced

I was such a fool to think
Youíd ever love me too
You have made it very clear
Iím not enough for you

You have cut my heart deep
And the pain disturbes
I would tell you how I feel
If I just had the words

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