Time For The Highway

© by Chuck McGlawn/Chuckest@aol.com

Dedicated to all those addicted to abusive love

You are the queen of stupid
And he is the king of brutes
You put up with all that he did
And still you’re kissing his boots

You trusted him so completely
And he stole your very soul
Then when he said, “I love you”
You gave him your innocence whole

The message that you sent him
“Screw me over, as you need”
So he stomped on your heart
And left you there to bleed”

Then he screwed with your emotions
Then he screwed with your mind
He satisfied his trifling notions
Leaving your bits and pieces behind

Now you are left with stark disgrace
Swallowing all humane pride
Just standing there a smile on your face
While you’re probably dying inside

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