love poem

Letters to Juliet.

A lonely heart with love on her mind.
A saddened girl with nothing to find.
A glimpse of another, a rush of joy
only to discover she's merely a toy.
But on that day that's she'll never forget
she wrote her first letter to Juliet.

Time passes slowly for the girl who's grown.
She's quickly learning she'll reap what she's sown.
The mistakes she makes breaks her soul
but the road she takes lets her know
that there's one thing she'll never regret
she wrote another letter to Juliet.

Her heart heals a little with each passing glance.
She's hoping and fighting for just one more chance.
A moment of love, to look in her eyes,
to stand by her side, that's the ultimate prize.
With pencil in hand, she knows the set.
She's writing a letter to Juliet.

She's giving her all and working so hard.
She wants to be proud of having gotten so far.
For the touch of one hand, all for one kiss.
It's slipping like sand through the cracks in her fist.
She's running, let's see how far she will get.
She's holding her last letter to Juliet.

The time is right and all things are in order
she makes her way across the border.
Standing in the grass her heart beats so
and she makes her pass as a romeo.
The letter fades away but she needn't fret
for in the door stands Juliet.

The star crossed lovers of a lovely dream
can always be more than they seem.
And this story, we've come to the end of it
a story of letters to Juliet.


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