The day is full of majestic glamour,
With the creationīs significant endeavour.
Bewildered by the sensitivity of kindness,
And empowered with its magnificence,
In the fullness of true essence.

Oh, hail! Divine and loving touch,
Be my guide all through a such.
The dawn has just begun.
Showering the brightness of life,
In the midst of unexpectable strife.

Glory is the highest strive,
For those whose aim is to survive,
Inspired by the loveliness of creation.
The fragrance of the airīs soothing calmness,
Brings out the inner turmoil to its mildness.

And now, the time has come to its reckoning,
To embrace the worth of living.
Inevitably reliant to the greatest call.
Hastened by the zeal of humility,
Amidst the troubled credibility.

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