Be Still My Heart

Be Still My Heart

> And a still heart it was
> On an August warm and new
> A simple meet , on the hill well known
> The breeze was light , the ocean blue
> We spoke of things many
> Her smile and a coffee completed the scene
> A heart of kindness to converse with
> And of course .. those eyes of indelible green
> Fortune shone for many weeks to come
> A companion and friend she was to be
> With simple needs, all seemed at ease
> For both sort without complication or need
> But love has its ways and for a
> vulnerable man , it will
> Bare weight from light beginnings
> For those who want more than is in reach
> One must face the hidden thorns however desirable the rose
> Without warning , he may claim
> Yet no promises she made
> Truth be valued , yet the truth always remain
> That love and timing don't always walk the same path for two
> For love can posses not , nor will be ever possessed
> The thorn sharp , but to bleed knowingly and with gratitude is to understand it
> Painful to end , but friendship unbroken
> Though those green eyes will haunt in days to come
> His heart will be still and unwaveringly open

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