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Re(1): Waiting on SuperDave's Opinion/ Conflicting Reports

I got nothing in this deal except wanting to see a once beautiful race facility come back to life.

I sure don't want to get involved in what is said on a FB page.
I have always maintained I hate FB and my opinion has not changed on that point.

What I see in the newspaper and what I see in the video interviews appear to me to be conflicting statements.

The paper says Milliron pulls the plug.
Video appears to me to say the deal is still on but without his blessing.

People can read into it what they want.
I been doing this long enough to know that people have different conceptions of what they read.
Do I have Ruic's back as far as wanting to see the Mansfield deal work, YES I do.

There is and old addage that says "Don't believe anything you read and half of what you see"!!!!
It sure looks like that sure is playing out in this situation.

What I understand there is a signed sealed lease in place. What I know about the law and that ain't much.
A lease is a lease and can't be changed without both parties agreeing or some cash changing hands and I have not seen that happen yet.

So with all that said I am still in the dark hoping that Mansfield still comes back to life.
Ruic has my blessing on the Mansfield deal.
There are those that would say I told you so or I saw this coming from the start.
I don't have that crystal ball to be that knowledgeable.

All I can say is good luck to all that are wanting to see this deal work and I hope to hear racing engines again at Mansfield whether it is a Speedway or Raceway

Ruic's statements posted anywhere are his words and do not reflect how I feel on any point he is trying to make.

Any future posts that even hint of what was posted on other boards or FB pages will be deleted.
Lets try to keep the message of what is good for MSA and SuperModifieds.

Anyone want to do or post anything else take it to your favorite FB page. There is no room for that BS here.
I have always tried to maintain a clean no non sense place for fans to come on and have a say within reason.

In some cases I have caught a lot of flak for it.
My position has not changed.
If I see a post that I have a problem with, it will be deleted.

Promote not demote!!!


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