Re(3): Great new article on current cougar "border jumpers"

Youíve read the article presumably and are familiar with all the studies in Ontario, Quebec and elsewhere in eastern Canada and all the evidence thatís been recovered but in your mind this is all a big mistake because all the real mountain lions are actually much further away then we ever thought they were. They are not in Ontario,... Not in Quebec or New Brunswick or Nova Scotia either. Theyíre really in Saskatchewan. All the cougars-assuming there are any (sic)in eastern Canada, are males anyway and thus we canít have any breeding population in eastern provinces that can disperse into New England. Not only that but Nebraska, Wisconsin or Michigan doesnít have cougars either. Thatís all a mistake too . Only Chris and I really know the truth. We have the inside track on all this New England cougars stuff even though neither one of us live there or have contacts in the region that can provide information relevant to this issue. And Oh Yeah, go to some other website that has all the information I posted that way everyone will see how much better that blog is which incidentally opposes supports western migration, instead of following this one which we think is trying to mislead it is readers about pumas in the northeast? Isn't that what you are trying to tell us? Helen, its time to start looking hard at the work in Eastern Canada, and all the confirmations and estimates by the wildlife agencies there. There was a cougar just recently relocated in Ontario within a mile of the US border that I posted an article on. The evidence is all out there, you just keep dismissing it.

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