Re(1): Nosy neighbors


NO WAY>>> Let the attacks start again...

Can't do that because we have more than noses, we have brains.

SCENE ONE: You guys came to this town when Fesko Farms was thinking about putting up windmills. You complained about the death of birds as if you knew a lot about the environment. Since most people are not well-read about alternative energy, etc., you guys didn't know that cats and autos kill approx. 300 million birds per year. Yet your logic is to attack Fesko's windmills? Childish.

This "state" of mind, must be challenged. Like ISIS. Guess how many insects you killed driving here to complain? Welcome to the new revolution.

Skan is part of our community and country. Your remark is superficial and weak. Are you a fireman, if not, then explain why at the last Town Meeting, when the educated fireman made their report, no one clapped until me and Tom, ( a black man ) started. Yet the board clapped for the other reports. This says it all for hard working people. Their report was brilliantly done. Did you hear it?
YET we where told by the nice police officer not to ask any PARKING questions. WOW! ISIS is here.

Please add some substance in your response to this remark so we can add it to our documentary about corrupt contemporary politics in Skan.

Also we see that they can't manage their own problems. We interviewed people who are not impressed with the Post Office design. We interviewed your neighbors about the lack of minutes as to WHY Kenan, Brace, Carol, Mary, Marty and others chose the 100% Park concept and not the symbiotic Park- Parking design? BOTH are GREENSPACES. All we asked was to look at the planning board minutes. Why chose a Park when Parking is an important issue? Explain. We see the fully loaded vehicles the supporters happily drive. If they are really for greenspace they would have bought, supported and drove 45mpg cars over the last 25 years. They didn't... and they did it just for status. All while they hated domestic oil production to the point where we imported close to 12 million barrels a DAY at one time. What foreign policy problems do YOU see in this??? So I/we guess we shouldn't get involved in national issues by your state of mind?

That's screwed up, Nosy! Why do the supporters of this Park drive Black PEARL and white PEARL painted, fully loaded 22mpg, 450 grams of co2 per mile, Subarus and SUVs when cleaner cars exist? Wasteful? Yes. Hypocritical? Yes. Do you listen to your neighbors? We did. You should be going after your own people for being so secretive and hostile about their inefficient Park idea...

We are not folks. We are intelligent, human beings fighting the fake environmentalists.

More to come...

JOE VECCHIO, reporter for the Skaneateles Times. 1850 East Lake Rd. 673-9565


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