The Next Generation

The next generation is in the
making through the process
sex,which involves three easy
and pleasing steps,erection,
penetration and ejaculation
translated if free,into love which
you will think will reduce the
hate and join us like a chain or
dispose off the waste like a
refuse van going off or make us
get closer like close up
paste,when I was younger I
think i was luckier,the
hunger,dreams of drinking beer
and everybody I met was dear
until last year when I lost all fear
of becoming a nobody holding
onto the faith that I will be
somebody looking unto God's
face,He's my hostel,I preach love
and reach out just like the
even on Facebook,look read this
just like a book.
The next generation is a
combination of internet
connection and fornication,a
pollution which has become
rampant across the nation,what
is the explanation?youths who
will not listen to instructions,fo
ols putting their bodies out for
sale like a auction,saying they
have no other option, increase
child production straining the
population,Seduction bringing
about deduction of those
salvation,nowadays all you say
needs a bible citation,everyday
we need the Bible to carry us
a bicycle
The next generation I pray
should not fall into temptation
but serve the nation like a gas
station rolling out ideas like
production that will give us
years like potions but inflation
drying us out we need
dehydration or lotions,this
generation ought to be cruising
but our forefathers we are now
cursing for choosing to be
looters and polluters but it's not
too late as long as boys and
still relate,the next
generation,God is the best if He
gives you rest we can
the nation.

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