Re(2): New Female Disperser Evidence

With all those resources and top notch puma experts as well as access to agency employees, we are amazed that you would lower yourself and ask ordinary folks like us to do research for you. When and if we provide this data, then I suppose you and other members of the group can pass final judgment on it's legitimacy and make a big announcement one way or another. Don't hold your breath.

We've already provided the latest research on dispersals by Thomson, which as a minimum, challenges what you and Helen have been saying for years about
female dispersal. That's the real issue here, not proof of breeding stock in NE. Although his study is recent, Thompson's work was actually done in 2006-9 so my first question is why you didn't tell the rest of us about it back then? Are you locked into these antiquated theories that there are no females and consequently no natural reproduction in those areas? Half of North America has cougars but all of them are males? Impossible.Look at this site for example. We have posted quite a few examples and evidence of just that. Go back and look. You really need to keep up Chris, this is evolving, and very very fast. For starters, get rid of Hansen's text and start using
other references, like the Workshop pdfs. As you will see in the next couple of months, you need to move into the modern era and before events leave you in the dust. Without a doubt, you have quite a few very talented people available to help you. Start using them more effectively. The evidence is out there. You just have to know where to look. Best of luck.


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