Ode to Luck

As people go about their lives,
Worrying here, fretting there,
You deserve to live your one life well
Having plenty of fun and nary a care.
Gambling is dangerous or so they say,
It's evil, they say as they fret about you.
But life is short, and should be fun,
And gambling can be relaxing too.

Of course there's a chance that things go wrong,
When you just can't quit and the dice don't fall.
It's half of the battle, to walk away
But if you can, your gambling will stand tall.
At Slotozilla, we believe that living large,
Does not mean that you risk it all.
But if you choose to use moderation,
Your life will be as fun as a disco ball.

So from all of us here at Slotozilla,
Go out, try your luck, and just maybe
You'll find your fortune, but even if not,
Your life could be relaxed, it could be.
But remember life has other things,
Priorities that you must place great care.
But if you are willing to do that task,
Don't be afraid, gambling isn't a dare.

Go on, give it a shot.


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