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new features & general update

New feature: Worldbuilding board
Adhere > Otherworlds > Design a world.

If you have created a world, you can store it on this board. Likewise, you can use other people's worlds as inspiration. On the Otherworlds board you can RP your chars or NPCs on these other worlds; you can also join characters on Shaman who are from these other worlds (as long as they get turned into fairies along the way somehow!)

New feature: Join the Pantheon
The Pantheon has been updated to include the 4 main "branches" of the Council: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (diplomacy), the Alliance (intelligence and army), the Star Chamber (judiciary/law), and the Divine Scribes (admin). You can join characters who belonged to any of these organisations on Earth and want to keep their jobs here on Shaman. Similarly, your Shamanites can join up to one of these organisations now.

More info about the different branches will become available later. For now, here are the basic roles:
- Interspecies Diplomats: responsible for diplomacy between fairies and non-fairies. This includes other humanoid/sentient species as well as animals.
- Intergalactic Diplomats: responsible for diplomacy between fairies on Earth and fairies/dominant species on other planets (in this case, Shaman).
- International Diplomats: responsible for diplomacy between fairies and humans in different countries on Earth. If any of these guys are on Shaman, they're probably bumming off.
- Agents: can be intelligence/espionage focused or military focused. Predominantly employed as guards, soldiers, and spies. It's a diverse job.
- Jury: currently only deities can do this, soz.
- Administrators: responsible for admin work. Role can include archivists, historians, secretaries, treasurers, writers, translators, etc etc. Scribes are highly trained and often get employed in other roles too.
- Young Ones: young courtiers/people who live in the pantheon.
- Divine Courtiers: we now have a deity court too, yay. On Earth there are courts for each individual deity, so your character could be particularly focused on one.

Is coming soon! Merlin is in charge. Harass her for details.

New sisters
We have new sister sites! Go check 'em out!

Edel is lovely
But we all knew that.

Edel has been helping me to design these new features today. For her help she can claim 200$ on updates :)

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