Natured natured within me, in the great city Of Steel,
Life is so curious, so did I always feel.

Spending those years on curiousness, thicker the foliage became,
Fond curiousness teethered to, infinite I shall name.

Frustrations eventually creeped,awaking my consciousness,
Came a day when I wrote to him, expressing my awarness.

Ninth day of the Christmas month,rang the bell of heaven,
“You may see,’THE GREAT MAN OF STEEL’, voiced my phone at eleven.

Eleventh day of the Christmas month, ninty was the year,
Sixish was the time, after the twilights disappear.

Walked into his office, to join the seated crowd,
Waiting there anxiously, my heart-beats, voiced so loud.

Flashed in,’THE GREAT MAN OF STEEL’, exhausted did he appear,
Smiling addressed the seated crowd,
“Now meeting you all,my exhausation would disappear.”

Walking inside the cabin, the door jaared on itself,
So went the seated people of the crowd,with intentions within themselves.

Pushing the door of his cabin, so did I partially please,
“ May I come in Sir? ”, was only my request at ease.

Sitting before the Great man of Steel, my awareness did I spell,
So alerted the great man of steel,” PROPOSE,”WHAT THE HELL!.”

So did I make a proposal,“ THE SEARCH FOR THE WORTH IN WASTE “,
Concealed in the arisings of,“ TISCO “, at ease, without any haste.

Recommending my proposal, the great man set it to percolate,
To all the associate companies, in and around the steel gate.

The proposal caught the attention,by a company producing ,’TIN’,
Thereby inviting me to extract salts, from the waste liquor, arising therein.

So,pushed open the doors of my future, the great man of steel,
For nature shall always bless him, confidently do I feel.

Long live Dr J.J IRANI, this is what I desire,
For he is ,” THE GREAT MAN OF STEEL”,who only did inspire.


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