Re(7): Missing Sign Lets Say Goodbye to Mary and Lou

Mrs. Stevens and Mrs. Ireland, first things first: a spelling lesson.

Mrs Ireland, It’s “criticizing”, not criticing; or did you mean “critiquing”? Seems you’re owed a refund on your education…

Mrs. Stevens, The two words are “equipment” and “you’re” (contraction), not equiptment and your (possessive).

Mrs Ireland, you don’t need to yell. Unlike my brother, I’m not almost deaf. I won’t fact-check your husband’s vote regarding the land purchase; I believe you and you have my apologies for that claim. By the way, it was very clever of you to try and verify my identity by the “friend” attempt on Facebook, albeit it a little creepy.

Mrs Stevens, (or in the spirit of Mrs. Ireland’s last post, Webb?), I am not mad because the board played favorites. I am, however, appalled at the lack of fiscal responsibility exhibited by your husband and the rest of the board. The five members of the board have a fiduciary (look it up) responsibility to use the Taxpayers’ money in the most appropriate way possible. Let’s take the relationship out of this discussion for the moment. Even if there was only one bid from ANY company, the process should have been re-done until there were there were at least three bids to choose from. I’ve seen the wall. The job is beautiful and may be worth every penny paid. Then again, maybe it’s not. We’ll never know because there was only the one bid, one solution, one option. Who knows what other method of remediation may have been presented that would have had the same successful outcome while saving the Taxpayers their money. Please don’t say that, in the wake of the worst recession in 70 years, that there weren’t other qualified companies who would bid the job, especially since it was to be conducted during historically slow times of the year for construction. In any thinking person’s mind, the fact that the sole bidder was a company belonging to the supervisor’s son-in-law and that they were subsequently awarded the bid is irresponsible at best and corrupt at worst. Please don’t tout the your husband’s recusing himself from the vote. As my brother called it, that board was indeed a rubber stamp board and votes were almost always unanimous and items up for vote had little discussion. Also, isn’t it interesting that the vote to approve that project happened immediately after your husband was re-elected and before the new board members were sworn in. Hmm… coincidence?

I would have loved to see Mr. Stevens face when he found out exactly how he lost his last election bid. Now THERE’S something to smile about.

You ask why I care about this. Well, normally I’m too busy to respond to any blogs. However, your ridiculous contention that Lou and Mary, sorry, “she”, were out stealing signs was so asinine that I had to respond, so it is your fault that “Oh no, not another one” exists.

Finally, regarding your final words, words which appear to be a character assassination against my brother and me: I’ve decided not to react to that. Otherwise I would be regaling all who read this blog about abusive, bullying bus drivers as well as careless and negligent parents.

But I won’t.

Feel free to carry on your rants. As I mentioned, I do not normally do this. I am a busy man and really have better things to do and will pay no more attention to it.

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