Foul Smell

A foul of smell
surround this lovely day
with a thought of yesterday
in a cruel implementation
to make today as a tough day
to wakes up and watch the sun smile again

How does this heart could speak
when life is too tyrant
with a yelling curse and scold in outrage
where does the flame comes from?
it turns everything into reddish
nay an ultra violet can't save it

The price is too cruel
and the quotes is beyond the boundaries
as the targets is beyond the standard living
bullish for pride of profit
bearish to bear for losses
and grant for a key of success
as a victorious of a greedy merchant

No one could speak for the right
when the cruel intention is as sharp as thunder
in a words of a hater
only cause of tears flow without notice
what cost of value could earn this tears
by a wide sadistic communication
to allies in a network
of a degradation in this port of heart

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