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Re(4): warbler

I find this very interesting that you can document that Pine Warblers were able to sustain themselves throughout the complete winter on suet fat. Most reports mention that they can survive for 30 to 40 days but become weakened due to lack of insect protein. I had a friend who had two at her suet feeder visiting every day up until late February which is the latest date that I have on record. If you can document them into March then it is of great interest since I have done insect surveys in March for Noctuid moths at maple sap pails and have recorded up to 12 species feeding on maple sap in early March. I have made daily runs of sap pails in March and was amazed at the number of insects that I found in the pails in early March. If a warbler can survive into early March then they may be able to make it through the winter now with climate change. We have always had Red-bellied Woodpeckers surviving winters in our area but only recently has the Red-headed Woodpecker been reported all winter which I think is due to warmer, shorter winter but still with very low temperatures. Could you send me the early March dates and locations for Pine Warblers or Yellow-rumped Warblers still visiting suet feeders. The famous Sedgewick Park winter warblers near Oakville never get reported after late January. There are as many as six species in December but none by late February on bird reports. I would think that if any warbler can make it through the winter, it will be the Pine Warlber which are the first back in the spring. Would like to document your early March records. Thanks, Bob


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