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Re(1): White squirrel

This is very interesting. We basically have two species of squirrels in our area not counting the Northern and Southern Flying Squirrel which look very different. These are the Eastern Gray Squirrel and the Red Squirrel. They are very different in size and colour except when it comes to morphs or albinos. We had a black morph Red Squirrel in Barrie a few years ago and it took me about a month to confirm it . I finally saw it with Eastern Gray Squirrel and Red Squirrels. It ended up mating with a normal colour Red Squirrel. Morphs are very rare in Red Squirrels but very common in Eastern Gray Squirrels. We have had white morph Eastern Gray Squirrels in Bayshore Village just east of Orillia for years. I am posting a photo of one of these from a few years ago.

White Gray Squirrel

Now we have this white squirrel from Tiny Beaches well west of Orillia. Is it first a white morph or an albino. If you look at the pink nose, pink ears and the red eyes, it appears to be an albino and not a morph. Is it a white Eastern Gray Squirrel or a white Red Squirrel? We will need a size comparison to other nearby squirrels. Red Squirrels have ear tufts in winter with hairs growing behind the ears. Eastern Gray Squirrels have white, smooth surfaces behind the ears without ear tufts or hairs. You can see from the squirrel photo that I posted of the white Eastern Gray Squirrel from Bayshore Village, it has a smooth surface behind the ears with no ear tufts or hairs. If you look at the photo of the squirrel from Tiny Beaches, you can see that it has ear tufts. Therefore, it appears to be an albino Red Squirrel and not a white morph Red Squirrel. A white morph Red Squirrel would be as rare as the black morph Red Squirrel that we had in Barrie.
We need to get some idea of size of this squirrel compared to other nearby squirrels to confirm it for sure as a Red Squirrel.


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