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Re(5): warbler

The year was 1988.
First appearance: Jan 9
Jan 10
Jan 15
Jan 16
Jan 17
Jan 23
Jan 24
Feb 6
Feb 7
Feb 9
Feb 13
Feb 14
Feb 21
Feb 27 two PIWA
Feb 28
Feb 29 two PIWA
Mar 1 two PIWA
Mar 2 one bird
Mar 3 two PIWA
Mar 4 two PIWA
Mar 5 one bird
Mar 6 one bird
Mar 7 Two PIWA
Mar 9 one bird
Mar 10 Two PIWA
Mar 12 Two PIWA
Mar 13 Two PIWA
Mar 14 Two PIWA
Mar 15 Two PIWA
Mar 20 one bird
Mar 21 one bird
Mar 22 Two PIWA
Mar 23 Two PIWA l
Mar 24 Two PIWA, last sighting of both.
Mar 27 One bird
Mar 30 One bird
Mar 31 One bird
Apr 9 One bird
Apr 11 One bird
Apr 15 One bird
Apr 18 One bird last sighting. By this time Chipping Sparrows,Tree Swallows, Robins had returned. Woodland was largely snow free.
I wonder if they could have been eating Snow Fleas, (Springtail mites) to supplement their diet. Small for sure, but, numerous.


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