I go to work I enjoy my position

Engaged with people who need someone to listen

Here's my problem!, whom to blame?

So many different people yet all the same

Tell me who you think you are? I don't even need to ask

Status, title, hierarchy, the self destroying mask

Put down your armor and talk with me in this theater we call living

Yes the safe character you think is you that you latch on to for social swimming

There will be no judgement here just a man who cares to see

I see something in you my friend that shows me you too can be free

look in my eyes and imagine that my soul is just the driver

Don't look at my body it's just a car to help me find survivors

Open your mind and put aside everything you think you know

If you hold on to your old beliefs you have no faith because faith means letting go

Now realign your attention and look over at that man

Do not project your opinions or preconceived ideas or you will miss the master plan

OK it's been a little while now tell me what you see

A man who's just scared & still attached to his old beliefs very much like you and me.

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