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Filming Foxes in Ontario

I received this email from Graham Duggan and it seems legit. He really is working on a documentary series called Wild Canada Year to be shown on CBC in 2017. Anyone out there know of any foxes with Hollywood or at least Hollywood North ambitions?
"Hi there
My name is Graham Duggan and I am a researcher for an Ontario-based wildlife documentary all about Red Foxes and the way in which foxes survive in natural spaces and amongst humans in urban areas.
We are currently looking for locations in Ontario where active fox dens could be found, in appropriate spots for access. Our hope is to film foxes inside the den, a couple of weeks after the kits are born. However, our non-invasive filming method requires our crew to set up some unobtrusive equipment before the female gives birth (which is fast approaching).
Ideally, we are looking for dens that are in urban or suburban areas, where the adults are likely more habituated to human presence (e.g., under decks or in private backyards), so there is little risk of scaring them away from the den. In addition, dens in soft or looser soil (instead of rocky or tough ground with lots of roots) is easier to work with as some very thin holes would need to be made into the side of the den (which are plugged up when there is no camera present).
I was wondering if there might be any locations within the Midland and Penetanguishene area, or if any members of the Field Naturalists Club know of any active dens that could work. If you have any suggestions, contacts, or advice, I would love to hear from you and have a chat over the phone if there is a convenient time.
Unfortunately, our original location for this project fell through, so we're now under a time constraint to find a location before the foxes actually give birth in the next few week. Hopefully we can find something great!
Thanks so much for your help in our project, I really appreciate it, and I look forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,
Graham Duggan
'Fantastic Mrs. Fox'"


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