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Re(1): rose breasted grosbeak in Feb?

Hi Dorothy;

These are always interesting reports when you get a Rose-breasted Grosbeak at a feeder in February in this area. Possible but highly improbable. I remember a report in winter, and deepe in winter and harder winter than this year, of a Rose-breasted Grosbeak male coming to a winter feeder. It was hard to believe and I went out and saw the bird myself even although it was well confirmed by good photos. I have heard of two since that time in our area so three reports over 30 years. Females are a little harder and similar to female Purple Finches but the bill and the white stripe over the eye very different. The dark malar stripe is different as well. Your friend probably did have a Grosbeak but it would have been great to confirm it with a photo or call someone in to confirm it. Since it has been over a month and I guess no other observations, we may never know. There were several Purple Finch here this winter, both males and females and the best Purple Finch winter for some time in this area. Without a photo or a confirmation by a well known birder, records committee would probably reject this report. To bad, since it would have been a neat and unusual record.


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