The sound of heavy downpours
The torrents raving, pitch dark colors
I wake in the midst of a deadly storm
Yearning to feel the warmth of my home
But I couldn’t summon the courage to step out
Cowardly retreating, I could only pout

Then a strange, unwelcoming knock at the door
A strangled attempt to open leads me to the floor
His presence fills my view, large and masculine
His grey coat soaked with twisted lines
Picking me up, steadying me to face his brusqueness
There I noticed his pained consciousness
He’d been beaten by the rain, could barely open his eyes
Then he stared at me, menacing, cold as ice
I shivered, stepping backwards wanting to escape

“Please don’t be scared, the weather’s worn me thin, needed a shade”
“Come closer so I can get a better view, I’ll be gone upon dawn”
“This is your home miss, you needn’t run”
Reaching for his grey coat, placing it on the sofa
Preparing hot chocolate and coffee mix for dinner
Inhaling the aroma calmed my nerves for a second
By day break, he’ll surely be gone
“What were you doing out this late Mr?”
“Stalker” he proposed with a humorless smile

I made a futile effort not to return the gesture
He rose unbuttoned his shirt, much to my pleasure
The bubbling tea was no match to my growing nervousness
Call it frivolous, but I guess he’d known my emptiness
I shook rattled but not aloof to his handsome demeanor
Every muscle stood in brilliant perfection, down and below
Oh God, this was temptation built with steel and bronze
And I was twenty and two off the limits of a minor
“Tea is ready” I offered, the words stuck in my throat
He gripped me from behind, a mountain of guts

His touch firm, my waist slender, the perfect match
“You’re so beautiful, one hell of a catch”
Couldn’t resist, didn’t attempt to
“I’ll like this night to be a memory for two”
He released his hold and guided his lips
To every sensitive spot, waking them from sleep
Then he lodged for my tongue seizing hold
A buckled kiss, hot, explosive, cold

My head a mess, my body submerged
Moving in rhythm with his fingers trained
Cries of passion could be heard by family
They watched me kick and squirm, while devouring my pillow
It was a wet dream after all

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