Quabbin Confirmation - Where did it come from?

A lot has been focused on the Milford CT road killed cougar, and its alleged origin. But why the fuss over that one event? In 1997 a kill site was found at the Quabbin in central Massachusetts. Tracks, scat, and other visible evidence was present. DNA from the scat confirmed it was from a cougar, of NORTH AMERICAN origin. Commonly that is referred to as "South Dakota" since that's where the biggest population and samples are from. Ok then, where did this cat come from? The writers of the book about the Milford story would like you to believe it was a one time fantastic journey all the way from South Dakota. Ok then, lets go back even further, to one not currently listed, or "lost". In the 1980s, Virginia Fifield, from the US fish and wildlife, found a track near or in DAR state forest in Goshen, Massachusetts. A university confirmed her findings as a cougar track. Odd, where is that confirmation listed today? Also in the 1980s, tracks were confirmed in Blandford, MA, near Chester state forest, and in Agawam, near a site where two large collies were attacked. Dr. Shouse, Veterinarian, examined the surviving collie and determined the bite on the animals neck was consistent with a cougar. The other collie was carried off and never found. These are a few. I see Helens gang always hollering about evidence. In Matanuck, RI, in 2012, a kill site was investigated by the RI DEM, who passed it off as a "bobcat carrying off a road killed deer". That was a totally fabricated story. Upon subsequent investigation, it was found by 3 national experts (Including Mark McCollough from the federal wildlife) to be a cougar attack. The evidence was plainly concealed by the RI state authorities. How many others are like this? You don't find that odd Helen? So where did that cougar come from? Some tried to blame the one cat hit in CT again for this one. BUT, there were also ANOTHER set of tracks confirmed at the Quabbin that previous winter! None of this matches up time wise or distance wise well with the alleged trek from South Dakota. Do you really expect everyone to believe this was all one cat, without even DNA (Real or imagined)?? The time and distance don't work. Next will be "Its an escaped pet". Well that's an interesting theory, but it didn't work with the cat hit in Milford either. Get real Helen and others, there are some cougars here. Yes, small numbers, and likely "NO" to a "breeding population", (big bar to hit), but they are around. All the witnesses aren't nuts.


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