Re(4): Canadian DNA results on Cougar evidence

Helen, you can play games with numbers but so what if its 100? You also try to say urban Californians are at the same level as being able to tell a cougar from other wild animals than someone living in more rural Canada. Doesn't work Helen. You can come on here and dismiss the people making sightings all you like, but it only hurts your credibility. There are a good number of cougars in Canada. Note that study WHEN IT WAS RUNNING did result in a number of confirmations of NORTH AMERICAN origin. Its over now, so that level of information is not flowing in anymore. It doesn't mean there are less cougars there, they just aren't being confirmed. This is going to all catch up to you soon, just like the claim you made that there were no females east of the Mississippi. That took what a month to disprove? Again, there were others that predicted that wouldn't happen for decades. Well it did, in 2015. You can dismiss all you want, but eventually the numbers are going to catch up with that claim. Yes, I see you claim they are all escaped pets. That claim is also ridiculous. After all, the cat that walked from South Dakota allegedly passed through Canada right? So its the one and only one that will ever do this if you believe it?


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