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6 Pack The Back Promo

Let me start by saying that all I want is for the speedway to survive and be here for years to come. Johnny and Eric have given the speedway that chance and I truly appreciate it.
With that said, I am very concerned about the future of the speedway. Costs to run these cars are out of control and with the rules as they sit I see know end in sight.
When I saw the speedway was doing fan appreciation nights for $5 and bring your cooler in the back this week I applauded them. Then the details about pack the back came out. You can bring a 6 pack cooler in and pay $5 more to get in. Basically, bring a 4 pack in.
I think the thought is there with this promotion but in my opinion it misses the mark. When I started going to the speedway you could bring a regular sized igloo cooler in every week. You can bring these same size coolers into NASCAR races too unless rules have changed there. Point is, when they released this it seemed like you could bring a bigger cooler in and then it seemed to change 2 weeks ago.
It reminds me of a company I used to work for. Make it look good in the PR world but in all actuality do it half assed. If you could have brought a regular cooler in I would have most likely sat out back. With the way it sits, no way I am going out there. I feel there won't be many people out back and the promotion will look like a failure.
You want a good promo? Look at what the Syracuse Chiefs did this past Saturday. $1 beers and $1 Hoffman hot dogs. The result? A sellout crowd! Couldn't tell you the last time that happened there.
Not my money or my track but if the track wants to run a promotion to pack the place it will need to be different than bringing a 4 pack cooler into the stands. Just my 2 cents.


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