Re(7): effect of BEXIT on ophthalmology

Its funny. Britishers are in general lazy to work and zealous to lead and manage others. They think they are born special on the planet and have right to rule others and behave as its their birthright to occupy any territory and use everyone and everything for their benefit. Its pathetic that the average Britisher thinks they can hire South-Asians and best of the best for service jobs at the drop of a hat for the peanuts. What an arrogant and abusive attitude?

This world is a global village. No body is a fool. It is naive that still Britishers think the world is their colony. Those days are long gone. South-Asia is on the raise, Europe wide awake of the British ploys. Britain wants to get EU to its best advantage by making the poor Europeans work for cheap, while the British claim benefits and South-Asians contribute to taxes. While the wealthy Britons rob poor middle class from other countries with their business expansions. But they do not want to share the expenses of EU. Who created Iraq war first for the never found WOMD? This has lead to the devastating consequences the entire Middle-East and world is facing now?

Come Britons, the colonial era is long gone. Take some moral responsibility.


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