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The Racing at Oswego Speedway

Now before I say why the racing is absolutely horrible at Oswego I would like to say that everyone is entitled to there own opinion.

I am sick and tired of watching a great racetrack in Oswego get less and less fans because of the absolute junk racing that has been provided the last 10 years. The reason for this racing that we have seen for that long is due to the fact of the aero that these cars are dependent on now a days. The cars cant pass each other because you need to get air to the nose wing or else the car pushes like a dumptruck with a snow plow on it. That should not be the way they have to race. It doesn't matter how fast the cars go but how good the racing is. This entire season so far there have been no winners that have started farther back than about 8th. That's a problem but it seems like the speedway doesn't care. Its pretty sad that the sbs races are more entertaining. and I know some people are gonna say but Iosue past gruel for the win or Gruel went from 6th to 1st in the first 5 laps. well ya those parts were great but there should be passing about every 3 laps at most. I miss the old days when the driver had to work and rely there talent instead of relying on starting up front and knowing no one can pass them. This is my opinion whether you like it or not. I hope the speedway realizes over ten years ago the front grandstands were packed and about half the backstretch grandstands were packed every week. Now only half the front grandstands are full.

I'm looking right at you Terese brothers, do you enjoy seeing one of the best speedways in America go down.



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