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Re(2): The Racing at Oswego Speedway

Just my 2 1/2 cents here.
It all started in 2000 ( I think)when Booth Showed up with that "ROCKET SHIP". In my view he should have been sent back to N C with it and told to bring it back when it was legal. Not being and engineer I have no clue about the ins and outs why it was not legal and a blind eye was turned on it .With that being said and at that time working on cars in the pits myself ,I can only say what I heard the other car owners say about that car.From then on here comes all the fancy beautiful supers from other shops built by very smart people. Sleek aero cars with big $$$$$$$ price tags on them and huge motors worth big $$$$$$$$$$$ all the more. Hence, low buck teams out to lunch
For some reason everyone wants these cars tooling around there trying to get in the 15 second range but in the races they can barely get in the low 16's.
After my 60 plus years there I have no clue what can be done now to get more cars. Sponsors just are not there like it use to be for sure.
Every week I hear in the stands "Management needs to up the purse, drivers and car owners want more money". I sure don't blame them one bit BUT, we need to get fannies in the stands period. It's a whole new world out there now. People have lost jobs, kids finding other things to do.
In all fairness to Jon and Eric, if without them I don't think it would be open now.
They got money sure and have worked very hard all their lives , nothing was handed to them. If you got a business that's in the red and a track that is old and in need of millions to up date why bother.
I use to be a real pain in the#####about management should do this and this but not any more. I had a unnamed person show me once just what it cost to open and run the show on a race night. Taxes ,ins ,power , pay help the help and so on it has shut my old A** up on that.
After all my years viewing this track I have a few ideas but no one asks me so I just sit and enjoy what could be my last year. I DON'T HAVE ANSWERS THAT CAN FIX PROBLEMS,JUST A FEW IDEAS.
Sorry so long back to bed lol.
Last note,
Saturday night was a decent night, good car count and good crowd .Heat races really bad, no incentive to use up tires
Hope it gets better. Almost like watching mods. Excuse any mistakes falling asleep


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