Re(1): reportingincidents

incidents, datix, SUI... these have become but mere ways to secure the step up form band 6 to band 7

commonplace problems which can destroy people personally and professionally to step up the ladder (often by nurses)

surviving in the NHS requires degree level knowledge in how to deal with the whole spectrum of personality disorders which exist whilst staying within GMC guidelines and sane

there is something about the environment of a hospital which infantalises some people and engorges others with a destructive hubris and power which they love to yield and anyone who might so much a look at them the wrong way risks becoming another casualty in their path of destruction

to survive you need to toughen up and develop rhino skin on the outside and a zen attitude on the inside

I will never forget the threatre nurse in a certain unit who had her "quota" of daily datix (ideally 4, minimum 2) to complete which she dedicated time at the end of each session to do. it was like an addiction. she actively was on the hunt for a reason during each session, with the hungry eyes of an addict she would question and pursue each and every avenue or lead and point out any tiny deviation from protocol generally making life unpleasant. sure enough she got her band 7 promotion... in some ways its good the sooner such people get packed away into an office to live out the rest of their career the better.


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