Re(1): bullying

1. Don't complain to anybody because that WILL ruin your career and can be used against you.

2. if things really didn't happen, document times and places when what is supposed to have happened didn't and make a written submission (email is ok) setting out what you say is incorrect. Provide the proof.

3. If you think faults in your work are being exaggerated make this clear. Again make a written submission and if necessary demand a meeting with your bosses: start out acknowledging errors if you made them and let your bosses know they have a duty of care to ensure these matters are rectified for patient safety reasons - may involve some one to one "retraining" but you've shown you're proactive. Know the disciplinary process in your hospital - you can get a copy from HR and make sure they are not trying to put you on it.

Don't let a single error go and challenge everything they accuse you of - politely but firmly - in writing if necessary, and don't stop. Keep a detailed diary record of all the "harassment" you experience.

This is very exhausting and demoralising but don't give up. Find people on your side in the department and let them help defend you. Talk to a BMA employment adviser about what is happening - generally useless, but they should go into employment law and hopefully give you some good advice and support.

Never give up. There are nasty consultants everywhere but, like all bullies they're cowards and if you stand up to them they eventually back off.


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