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you're exactly right, i was only joking as you (thankfully) appreciated. Much prefer to have my relative operated on by you than someone who has got cct in mainland europe with 50 phacos under their belt (and still not had to do FRCOphth). The truth is (in the UK training and everywhere else), there are gifted surgeons who work hard and those without the inclination to put in the hours or the natural ability. Every complication is an unnecessary cyl, a 6/12 that could have been 6/6, a retinal detachment that needn't have happened. Why do we insist every ophthalmologist operates? We'd be far better served by our obviously gifted surgeon who posted the above post operating whilst some others do the clinics. May not be popular amongst those who have high complication rates, and may send you searching for your excuse books (oh but a lot of them were were white/pxf/etc. - this chap/lady has done 10000, bet a few of them weren't 6/9 Californian cataracts), but the truth is excuses are just that, excuses. Everyone has complications, some just have more than others.


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