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welcome to version xiii!

Welcome to version 13!
Unlucky for water-phobic fairies. Here’s what’s new this version.

All of Shaman is underwater
Well… almost all. A few peaks of Vista Mountains are above water and the castle is surrounded by a protective bubble, so there are a few dry spots. Characters this version will need to live either underwater, in the castle, on the mountain peaks, or on a ship. Characters who don’t already have their own ship can make temporary use of the royal fleet, which has been made available for all good citizens.

You will notice the changes to the playable board options reflects the watery state of the world. You can of course have your character visit any of their old haunts underwater (e.g. cove, wadi) via any board you want.

Old, non-underwater threads can be rounded up on the Round-Ups board or finished on the original boards, which are listed under Play.

A list of old boards with links will be provided at the bottom of the ‘play’ page so you can access your old threads.

1 free power for all characters
To help with coping in the new underwater world, all characters are being given one free water-based power. This is the nifty little “trick” that Aura’s protective charm has provided. You can choose what you get, but it is advisable to pick one which will help your character to stay underwater for long periods of time. Here is the list of ideas Merl and I drew up:

  • Gills - to enable underwater breathing
  • Photosynthesis - to remove need to breathe
  • Can Breathe Underwater - just the power without the physical trait
  • Water Manipulation - manipulate the water to create a bubble around you to breathe in
  • Air Manipulation - manipulate a bubble of air around you to breathe in
  • Bubble Manipulation - as above
  • Shapeshifting (water animal) - to be able to breathe underwater. Part-shifting options (like sharkhead Krum from HP) also an option
  • Water Walker - to be able to walk on the surface of water

If your character already has a power to help them breathe underwater, you might want to consider...
  • Echo Location
  • Water Vision - to see clearly underwater
  • Night Vision
  • Fins
  • Scales
  • Tail

Any traits can be removable, i.e. can disappear when your character leaves the water and reappear when they re-enter the water.

If you want a different power or trait not mentioned, just ask! Providing it helps with underwater living we’re cool with it - no fire manip or anything like that ;)

This applies to all existing and all new characters this version.

Phasing out of coins
In an attempt to simplify the game, we will be gradually phasing out coins and replacing them with doubloons. You get to keep all your coins you currently have and use them up at the rate you choose, but no new coins will be issued.

Instead, familiars, powers and traits can be bought from the shop using doubloons. An updated power database with a wide range of powers and traits and fixed doubloon prices has been created. Weaker powers and non-magical traits are now cheaper to purchase. A coin was/is worth roughly 2,000$; some traits/powers can now be bought for as little as 1,000$, while all standard powers retain the 2,000$ price.

You can choose to sell your existing coins for 2,000$ ea or keep and use them how you wish. Coin prices for powers have been set alongside doubloon prices.

If you have suggestions for new powers/traits to be added to the database, please post them on updates!

Changing years, seasons and spotlights
The year and season is no longer tracked, since it just seems to be an additional thing to update which isn’t really used. You can now choose the season for yourself when you post.

Spotlights are also being removed and replaced with a new system. A featured sister site will still be displayed on the homepage, but now all players/characters will be able to cash in every month instead of just one.

At the end of each month, all of your characters which posted that month can each receive +10 points. For every 5 posts you write per month with any characters, you can also receive 50$. These will both need to be claimed at the end of every month on the updates board.

This system is being trialled and we fully expect to make changes as we go, so your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Impetus board
A generic “catalyst” board called Impetus has replaced the Marsh, Exploration and Pantheon. This is another trial, and if you guys don’t like it we’ll bring back the old boards next version, so again your feedback is really appreciated here.

A clearer explanation is on the board itself, but essentially you can post requesting any catalyst and then anyone can reply with a prompt. You don’t need to be a member of staff to post prompts/catalysts. However, only staff can offer prizes if prizes are desired (you don’t have to request a prize - if you just want a writing prompt for its own sake, you can post asking for that).

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