Lt. Gov visits Skaneateles.

Lt. Gov Kathy Hochul is a HOMOHEAD.

Asked her this boring question so as to find out the structure of her intellect and where she got it from...

We asked this question to her...... THE WORLD PRODUCES APPROX 88 million barrels of oil a day, how much does Exxon do since you where taught to hate energy companies by the liberal media.

She said Exxon produced 86 . EXxon does ONLY. 2. Talk about discrimination and ignorance. US democrats did the same in 1992 whenBill was in office. DEMs and liberals bought record amounts of big SUVs that lived for ten years,
Domestic production went down to 5 from 9 .
We refused to drill in ANWR in 1995 etc., which is safer than the GULF, imports went 7 to 12. When Bush took office we used 21 million barrels a day up from 17 when Bill took office.

Will us democrats do it all again with a democratic Drafting platform that calls for making domestic oil production on federal
lands illegal. Have fun rebuilding your massive infrastructure without asphalt and petro coke to melt steel. Federal lands should be used for federal projects.

More to come if interested in learning something new before you die.

Wake up liberals.


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