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Sorry for all the above asses....not our fault..Anyways,

China's complete control of Global high tech REE magnet industry raises US National Security concerns that us liberals are blind to. Why, because we don't want to mine for lithium, neodymium and dysprosium, for super magnets for wind turbines and poly silicon production for solar panels because it causes intense pollution.

. That's why it is done in China.

Clean energy raw materials can't comply with the clean water and clean air mandates in the USA. A ton of polysilicon
With no pollution management cost approx 20.000 without pollution controls. With is approx 100,000 to 120,000. So solar Would need more subs if it WAS done in the USA. WHy doesn't GORE and the Clinton Initiative invest in this since they care so much. But they didn't.

Went to a solar lecture and the guy didn't know that polysilicon processing requires intense and large amounts of energy, OIL to melt the silicon into usable products to export to the USA.

He thought it was all made here.

He hated oil and so I told him I was going to wait till he left so I could see what kind of fuel inefficient, fullyloaded, AC, remote entry with tons of rare earth elements that requires mining and radioactive waste residue just to lower ones window. Guess he was too lazy to row down his own Windows. . He needed electric motors. 6 of them. One for each door, one for the windshield wiper, and one for the unnecessary rear wiper.

And he hates oil and mining. What a deadly hypocrite. Guess what kind of vehicle he drove.
Boy these liberals like and deserve their luxury vehicles while blaming it all on Exxon. Like Hillary and Sanders.

It is not over yet...

Thanks for reading and learning things the post should be doing.

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