Finger lakes forestry and service is still ranked as your one stop shop in the construction industry because we are diverse and provide many services for our customers in the area. We are responsive, courteous and professional. We don't do drug deals. That's why I voted for Trump! We need law and order and not only in our town but country. Web still would be the better candidate for justice. "Lead by example" time to grow up kids high school is over we're adults now.

Even though this latest snowfall has been a challenge it is also a reminder for customers to get contracts signed in advance of the first snowfall. This way your property can be preventively maintained on a frequent basis. It makes it easier for everyone so the customer isn't caught with their pants down and five contractors onsite trying to figure out who is doing what.

When your stuck and need snow removal we assist many contractors in the area. We charge $75.00 hr with a 1 hour minimum. If $75.00 is steep for you then perhaps a smaller house with shorter driveway is on your wish list.

If 100k investment in grapes strapped your bank account to afford $75.00 for getting your snow plow contractor "unburied" then perhaps you made the wrong investment.

We are in business to make money. Not just beer drinking neighbors and expect things for free you'll end up out of business. Not just a good laugh!

Joe, our next skit will be me acting like "Chris Farley" mocking out a cheap rich guy who uses people's wealth for their own advancement. Joe you can be David Spade.. let it go viral. Don't question why someone "would say such a thing". It's like Howard Stern. Or Wayne's world excect in Joes garage. It's supposed to be funny.


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