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Re(1): Birding in the Sunnidale Corners, Strongville and Edenvale Area

Nancy Caldwell.
If there are postings of the Snowy Owls on Strongville Rd, which Nancy you live on you have to deal with that, it's part of social media these days and living beside a Nature Reserve. You do know you just told people they are there too, right!
If someone one is photographing a bird on a fence post in front of your house, then you know EXACTLY what they are doing! They are not "creeping you out" your just causing your own fears.
If someone is blocking the road with their doors wide open, yes they are dumb! Quite possibly they are rudely gesturing to the vehicles (such as yours) because you use more profanity then a bunch of drunk truckers in a bar! I have never spoke with you personally because you don't have the decency to actually talk politely to others, maybe ask what they are doing, and politely speak your thoughts. I know for a fact you scared the crap out of 2 older ladies a few years ago to the point they couldn't drive home to NewMarket after your threats.
I am the owner of the black Jeep Wrangler that you speak of. I in fact tell EVERYONE I know that is looking for birds all year round in the Strongville area to STAY AWAY and DO NOT pull over anywhere from the Strongville Church to past Burt's place or anywhere near the "S" bends, we call this NO MANS LAND. However, if you see someone stopped and taking photos of birds they are NO ONE that knows me.
And for your information I DO have permission to be on the properties that I take my paying guest onto. I DO NOT take people onto property that I do not have permission to be on, that is called Trespassing! Last winter I kicked over 130 people off of properties they where trespassing on, the year before I helped in having 12 people charged with trespassing or warned.
Yes, I charge people to come photograph the Snowy Owls, I work very very hard to get permission to be on properties and teach them photography. These guest come from all around the world to photograph the owls and other birds/wildlife in Ontario that I locate for them. They also spend thousands of dollars to in the local communities, from Barrie, Angus, Stayner, Collingwood and beyond, shopping, eating, accommodations, clothing and more.
I have very good communications with numerous landowners in the area, and knowing them and the vehicles they drive I will be the first to call the OPP when your home is being broken into or when someone is trespassing. Wave me down one day and have a civilized conversation and lets make this work for everyone. Being stressed out because someone is legally parked near your home or taking a photo of a bird or animal near your home is not how you should feel.
Cheers, Happy New Year


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