Falling Water

Falling water
Such a beautiful sight
A pool of serenity
Take a trip
To Feather Island
Maracas playing in the wind
Took a taxi
To the local bar
Try to make a new best friend
Ice cold beers
Still won't shut you out
Memories of you playing in my mind
Try to forget
But it keeps coming back
The pain that stabs me in the heart
I'm treading water
In the sea of deceit
A treadmill of emotion that colors my life
You turned me on
Then you turned me out
Left me standing in the rain
What was inside me?
At that moment I realized
I will NEVER let it happen again
So I turned my attention
Back to my beer
And the goddesses circling the bar
I took my chances
On a lovely gal
With icy blue eyes
She seemed like she
Was way out of my league
but warmed up to me quick
A couple of drinks
A little small talk
Then numbers were exchanged
I went back
To my hotel and contemplated
The events of the night
When all of a sudden
The phone rings and I pick up
It was the fair maiden from the bar
She told me
She would help me forget
The heartache that plagued my soul
That was the night
I forgot my sorrow
And my broken heart started to mend
We talked
Made love
Then talked some more
Let me tell you
It was not the time between the sheets
It was the talk
That took me on the road to be a healed man
We held hands
We walked the shore
Around the pool of serenity
Then she told me something
I will never forget
Don't let heartache get you down.
Let your love flow, like falling water.

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